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About Us

We provide specialist support, accommodation for people with Learning Disabilities, Autism and Mental Health. We don’t underestimate people. We encourage people with disabilities to challenge what they expect from life, from themselves and from wider society. The people we support overcome huge barriers to achieve exciting new things every day: some big, some small, all extraordinary. They challenge us all to rethink disability. We provide extraordinary support for people with Learning Disabilities, Autism and Mental Health.

Help us rethink disability.


Our vision is for inclusive communities where people with Learning Disabilities, Autism and Mental Health participate as equal citizens.


Our mission is to champion and deliver ambitious support and preventative services alongside people with  earning disabilities, Mental Health and autism, enabling them to realise their goals each and every day.


We are Brave

We believe in being different: we seek new ways of working, thinking and ideas. We want to be extraordinary.

We are Passionate

We want to make a difference. We work as a team to improve for the greater good, not only for the people we support. We are completely committed to each others’ successes.

We are Creative

We are enablers. We create solutions by thinking and acting differently. We break down barriers. We don’t see rules as boxing us in, but as norms that evolve with us on our way to being the best.

We do what is Right

We lead by doing the right thing. We are dependable and believe in delivering on commitments, using sound judgement and common sense to determine what is right.